CYCLONE Impact Grenade

//CYCLONE Impact Grenade

CYCLONE Impact Grenade


After years in development, we are thrilled to introduce the Airsoft Innovations
Cyclone Impact Grenade; the newest incarnation of the most ruthless
spinning airsoft BB dispensing device out there. Using our new Quantum
Drive engine, it unleashes a spinning storm of 140 BBs at 225 feet per
second and now available for about the price of a GBB pistol magazine.

• Spiritual successor to the Tornado Grenade
• Runs on propane + BBs, no other consumables
• Easy to reload, no loose parts in the trigger mechanism
• Reliable, effective and devastatingly powerful
• Spherical firing pattern due to spinning action
• All for about the price of one GBB pistol mag


Why grenades?
Ever wanted to shoot someone behind cover? Were you ever terrified to go through a defended doorway? Grenades are used to hit enemies out of line of sight where your rifle can’t reach them, making them indispensable for urban combat situations.
How does it work?
The Cyclone grenade is loaded with BBs (140 of them) and gas (propane aka green gas, or HFC134A) and uses a sensitive impact trigger mechanism. When the pin is pulled and the grenade is thrown, the spoon falls away and arms the impact trigger. On impact with a hard surface (this can actually be a very gentle strike) the firing pin opens a valve in the grenade body, releasing the propellant into the BB passages. The Quantum Drive system then fires each round individually out of the circular barrel at 225fps. Back pressure from the barrel causes the grenade to leap off the ground and spin wildly as it fires its payload in all directions. It takes approximately one fifth of a second to fire all 140 BBs.
How does it shoot so hard?
The Cyclone Grenade uses the Quantum Drive system to fire each BB out of its circular barrel individually. This allows each BB to make use of the full length of the acceleration barrel without any interference, givingeach of the 140 shots nearly the same power as a gas blowback pistol!
Does it work in tall grass?
Does your AEG work in tall grass? In order to keep the grenade safe for normal CQB use, we had to keep the velocity under grass-shredding power. In addition, the impact trigger mechanism requires a sharp knock to set it off so it’s best to save your Cyclone for situations with hard packed dirt, concrete, plywood or even a tree trunk if you’ve got excellent aim.
How much does it cost per use?
Because the Cyclone Grenade consumes ONLY gas and BBs, it is very economical to use. You can even use previously fired BBs or BBs of mixed weights (we all have a mystery BB container somewhere) as long as they’re not too dirty!
What is the effective range of this grenade?
With its high output force and spherical firing pattern, you should have no trouble getting solid hits out past 30ft.
Does it require special paperwork to ship (like pyro or pressurized
No! The Cyclone Grenade is contains no volatile chemicals or explosive materials, it is shipped disarmed and unpressurized. Always check your local regulations before ordering if you’re not sure!
How long does it take to reload?
With its one piece trigger design and fully accessible BB channel, the Cyclone offers a much faster reload than its predecessor the Tornado Impact Grenade. Rather than stacking small parts on a pin, the trigger is reset by pressing on a hard surface and hooking it onto its sear and the BBs can be poured or scooped straight into the grenade body without the use of a BB loader. With some practice, the whole process can be done in under 40 seconds!
Why does my grenade sound like it’s leaking during lling?
The Cyclone Grenade uses a two stage fill valve, much like Tokyo Marui or KSC GBBs. This allows for maximum liquid gas capacity at the cost of a small amount of spillage. Hold your gas can and grenade upside down vertically while filling and make sure to wait until liquid gas starts suddenly spurting out of the valve. This indicates that the grenade is full of liquid gas. The next step is to wait a few minutes for the gas to warm up to room temperature. The grenade is plastic so it takes a little longer for the gas to warm up than a pistol magazine so we recommend a warming period of about 15 minutes for best results.
Why are there some BBs left in the body after use?
The propellant and BB loads in your Cyclone Grenade are critically balanced which means that it is designed to hold just enough propellant to launch out every BB. If you make sure to fill your gas correctly and allow your Cyclone a few minutes to warm up before use, it should have no trouble blasting out all 140 BBs in temperatures above 15ºC.
How durable is the grenade?
The Cyclone Grenade is built to handle hundreds of deployments but is not capable of withstanding repeated hard throws at hard surfaces. Hurling grenades at maximum power will not only damage your grenade but could also severely injure another player. Toss your Cyclone safely, and it will last you a very long time.
What is the warranty on the Cyclone?
The Cyclone body is warranted for one year from purchase, the spare parts; spoon handle, pin, head, and end cap are guaranteed at time of purchase and can be replaced online.


In creating the Cyclone Grenade, we wanted to accomplish two primary objectives: increase the power of each BB, and simplify the design. We accomplished these by developing our new engine: Quantum Drive. This novel system uses zero moving parts to fire a large amount of BBs at an incredible 700 rounds per second at high consistent velocity, and with great gas efficiency. Where the Tornado used its twin spiral barrels as both BB storage and acceleration barrels, the Cyclone has a separate dedicated barrel section through which Quantum Drive fires each BB individually. Quantum Drive’s extreme rate of fire coupled with individual barrel time is what allows the Cyclone to blast 140 BBs at an unprecedented 225 FPS with very little variation in power from BB to BB, all in
under one fifth of a second. In short, Quantum Drive is our new engine developed specifically for extreme rate of fire, high individual power-per-shot applications and can be made to fit in very compact spaces. The Cyclone Grenade is the first product to launch featuring this new technology, with several more
exciting applications currently in development.

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